Area high school football teams have kept busy this summer.

While taking part in weight training and conditioning work at their schools, the teams also spent time competing in various 7-on-7 football workouts throughout the summer months.

The goal for all the teams are to prepare for the fall football season.

Several teams got work in while competing at the E.D. White Catholic 7-on-7 football workouts in June.

The seven teams that competed in the workouts were host school E.D. White, Ellender, Thibodaux, South Lafourche, South Terrebonne, Central Lafourche and Berwick.

The workouts were held on three Wednesdays throughout June.

It focused more on the teaching side of football instead of winning or losing, which is especially important for teams with either new coaches or young rosters.

Local coaches said the 7-on-7 workouts were beneficial for their teams.

“I think it worked for all the teams involved,” E.D. White coach Chris Bergeron said. “I think all the coaches involved would agree that this is good quality competition and work in a less competitive atmosphere. Unlike tournaments and those kind of things, we’re not keeping score. We’re here to let the coaches coach their kids.”

Bergeron said the 7-on-7 workouts will serve as a great way for players to build chemistry, timing and experience for the upcoming prep season.

“I like it because it gives the kids work. It builds team chemistry knowing who is going to be in what positions and where they are supposed to be. I think this is a good way for the kids to keep the scheme fresh in their memory and it also gives them a chance to compete a little bit.”

Ellender football coach David McCormick echoed Bergeron’s assessment of the 7-on-7 work.

McCormick said area teams are limited during 7-on-7 since it doesn't have linemen or full contact but it helps in many other ways.

“We worked on our timing, especially with our quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs,” McCormick said. “We worked on our coverages. We kept it simple and we tried to improve on our foundation through 7-on-7. It helps the offense and defense gel together. It helps get that teamwork and brotherhood and camaraderie coming out here competing against other schools. It brings us together as a team and family.”

Central Lafourche coach Keith Menard said there are certain things he doesn’t like about 7-on-7 football, such as travel all-star teams going across the country to play in national tournaments throughout the summer.

But Menard said he sees the benefits of his team getting to work on fundamentals at local 7-on-7 workouts.

“It is what it is with 7-on-7,” Menard said. “I’m not a big proponent of it but it gives our guys a chance to play against somebody else. It’s not all about scheming, but just working on the basics and getting the players accustomed to what we want to do. It is fun to watch these kids get some experience in what we’re trying to do.”