Local high school powerlifters are preparing to step foot on the biggest stage of the season this week in Alexandria.

The Allstate Sugar Bowl/Louisiana High School Athletic Association/Louisiana High School Powerlifting Association’s state powerlifting championships will be held Friday and Saturday at Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria.

The state championships will begin with Division IV and V (Classes 1A and 2A) starting today. The Divisions II and III championships (Classes 4A and 3A) are set for Friday. The Division I (Class 5A) championship will be held on Saturday. Admission is $10 per day and doors open at 8:30 a.m. each day.

The state powerlifting meet will be streamed live on the LHSPLA Powerlifting page on Facebook.

Here is a list of local athletes who qualified for the meet.



Boys’ lifters who qualified are Nathan Tyler (132-pound weight class), Dylan Rhodes (148-pound weight class), Chase Dryden (165-pound weight class), Justin Domangue (181-pound weight class), Melvin Mathews (198-pound class), Clayton Gibbons (220-pound class), Mitchell Basco (242-pound class) and Caleb Melancon (275-pound class).

Members of the Lady Braves set to compete area Isabella Broussard (114-pound class), Taysha Johnson (123-pound class), Arianna Griffin (132-pound class), Jazmine Spencer (148-pound class), Fara Ledet (148-pound class), Marianna Charles (165-pound class), Anastasia Billiot (165-pound class), Kaytlynn Graves (181-pound class), Alyssa Gauthreaux (220-pound class) and Sameera Hasan (220-plus pound class).


Representing the Tigers will be Jorge Ransauvo (165-pound class), Dillion Babin (181-pound class), Tristen Gorrell (198-pound class), Sherman Lewis (220-pound class), Tyrese Burton (242-pound class), Adrian Dixon (242-pound class), Johnny Carter (275-pound class) and Tyrez Smith (super heavyweight).

Representing the Lady Tigers will be Zoe Benoit (123-pound class), Amalia Vasquez (148-pound class), Carlie Clement (165-pound class) and Rose Billiot (220-plus pound class).



The Mustangs will be led by Tobias Wiggins (114-pound class), D’ondre Duncan (132-pound class), Nicholas Duet (148-pound class), Eli Justillian (165-pound class), Kevin Bell (165-pound class), Trey Achee (181-pound class), Ernest Adams (181-pound class), Troy Jones (220-pound class), Josh Ratcliff (242-pound class), Tyreke Lemon (275-pound class) and Cornell Adams (super heavyweight) .

Leading the Lady Mustangs will be Emmie Falsetta (97-pound class), Travanna Pearley (114-pound class), Jayden Sumpter (123-pound class), Grace Naquin (123-pound class), Makayla Richard (132-pound class), Jayla Larvadain (148-pound class), Brittney Prejean (148-pound class), Candace Joseph (165-pound class), Chandley Dorsey (181-pound class), Raven Rodrigue (220-plus pound class) and Faith Gros (220-plus pound class).


Leading the Cardinals will be Hunter Becnel (148-pound class), Patrick Schonacher (148-pound class), Eli Sternfels (165-pound class), Alex Cutrone (165-pound class), Sonny Charpentier (181-pound class), Dexter Troxclair (181-pound class), Nik Shanklin (198-pound class), Zion Evans (220-pound class), Aaron Benfield (242-pound class), Ben LaJaunie (242-pound class) and Carter Heintz (275-pound class).

Leading the Lady Cardinals are Anne Marie Schwaner (114-pound class), Adele Dupont (114-pound class), Madeline Perk (123-pound class), Rebecka Bollinger (132-pound class), Beth Boudreaux (148-pound class), Mary Grace Chaisson (148-pound class), Hannah Terrebonne (165-pound class), Brooke Bordelon (165-pound class), Emily Rodrigue (181-pound class) and McKenzie Sonier (220-pound class).


The Patriots will be led by Kaleb Scott (132-pound class), Aaron Courteaux (132-pound class), Lynn Parfait (165-pound class), Richard Naquin (165-pound class), Lionel Sneeze (181-pound class), Devin Verdin (220-pound class), Willie Howard (242-pound class), El’Hajj Mathews (275-pound class), Curtis Pierre (275-pound class), Sedrick Williams (super heavy weight) and Justin Warner (super heavyweight).

Leading the Lady Patriots will be Macy Fanguy (97-pound class), Anaya Whitney (105-pound class), Kristin Dupre (123-pound class), Angelle Parfait (132-pound class), Mijanae Kenny (148-pound class), Tarissa Helluin (165-pound class), Destiny Fowler (181-pound class), Trinity Allen (198-pound class) and Kiera Authement (220-pound class).


Leading the Gators will be Jansen Pellegrin (132-pound class), Gage Price (165-pound class), Jacob Arceneaux (181-pound class), Logan Melancon (198-pound class), Donald Dardar (198-pound class) and Kelby Fitch (super heavyweight).

The Lady Gators will be led by Aurora Redman (105-pound class), Jenna Picou (132-pound class), Valerie LeBlanc (165-pound class), Emma Broussard (165-pound class), Jazmin Parfait (181-pound class), Lainey Naquin (198-pound class), Kristi Naquin (198-pound class) and Maci Hebert (220-plus pound class),



The Wildcats will be led by Roland Roussell (132-pound class), Lamon Lewis (198-pound class), Kyren Harris (242-pound class), Jason Dumas (275-pound class) and Chase Celestine (super heavyweight).