Climate change has not exacerbated the number and intensity of forest fires. Last year, fires in five Western states broke out and the government did not have the necessary equipment to fight the fires. The same things are happening this year. All this is due to poor forestry management and ignorant people that won’t follow rules about camp fires, cigarettes and fireworks.

Man causes fires, not climate change, which we are told is the reason. The rhetoric stating that actions of mankind are greater than forces of nature is silly. Further, those who study Earth's climate have no idea what the pristine goal is or how to achieve it. These political scientists are interested in more government control over our lives. They complain about how mankind is the problem and the greatest burden to the Earth. Technological progress is seen as the root cause shutting down the ecosystem, standing between us and Utopia. Global-warming moralists have no answers, only complaints.

This is not science. This is called "group think."

Ralph Ray, Florence