BONIFAY - Karen Waymire always had a passion for teaching small children. When she began teaching in 2008, she said she did it for one simple reason - “the love of the children.”

Waymire has taught kindergarten, K4 VE class, and currently teaches Pre-K ESE.

“I’ve always liked smaller children,” Waymire said.

Waymire said she chose to go to Pre-K ESE because she felt like she could be a strong help to the students development.

“I like to take them from where I get them which is a lot of times not doing anything and get them ready for Kindergarten.” she said. “So there are reading they are writing, and they are ready to go.”

Waymire said she does alot of things in her classroom to make it unique and standout from other classrooms. Some of the things she said she does to help the students in the class who do not have not development speech skills, is to develop their communication skills through activities taught in class and practice drills she develops, including a communication board system.

“It’s a lot of hands on things.” she said.

Waymire, who was recently nominated as the September Amazing Teacher for Holmes County, said she was shocked to receive the nomination. She said for her the most rewarding thing about being a teacher was not receiving this recognition but seeing her students be successful.

“And the hugs and the kisses I get everyday,” Waymire said.

For anyone interested in becoming a teacher, Waymire has some words of advice she said she wants to share.

“Its definitely something that you have to have a heart for,” she said. “It’s not an easy task, It’s not something you do for the money. These children can be difficult. ESE children in general can be difficult bu there is a lot of love there.”

When Waymire was nominated, she was said to have a heart for children and always checked on students who were sick.

Waymire said she thanked the community for allowing her the opportunity to teach their children.