Houma surf-rock band Chaos of the Cosmos does not play together often, but they will soon be making up for some of that.

The band will perform at the Rougarou Festival starting at 2 p.m. Saturday and will then head down Main Street to the Intracoastal Club for the Rougarou Queen's Afterparty.

Chance Cenac, Chris Eaton and Chris Landry have been composing songs together with various lineups and under various names for over 20 years. Their guitars, keyboard and vocals are accompanied by Justin Neal on bass guitar and Jon Kelpsch on drums and percussion.

Eaton said that the current lineup, which plays all original music, has played together since 2010.

"We all kind of write the songs. It's sort of a collective effort," Eaton said. "Most of the music is written by Chance Cenac and Chris Landry, and the rest of us write arrangements and parts and stuff."

The band has recorded an album of songs, which is available at their shows. Their Facebook page describes their sound as "psychedelic, mind altering, space mutant rock."

"It's like '60s surf music," Eaton said. "It's like old Pink Floyd, the Ventures, the Zombies, stuff like that. We usually have three guitars going at any one time, and we play keyboards too. It's a pretty full sound."

Eaton said that they have a catalog of about 20 songs, or about 90 minutes of playing time. They usually play at the Rougarou Festival, one of only six or seven gigs the band plays per year, and will put on two shows in one day on Saturday.

Eaton said the band tries to make the two shows as distinct as possible for the two very different audiences.

"We play to families and stuff in the afternoon, and then play for all of our friends at a crazy party," Eaton said. "It's a really fun thing to do. It seems crazy to play two shows in one day in the same city, but we do it."

Two other bands will also play the afterparty, Your Mom from Baton Rouge and local punk band Morons, starting at 10 p.m.

The Intracoastal Club is at 8448 Main St. in Houma.

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