Hopefully, the fourth time (or it is the fifth?) will become the charm as the Port Theatre preservation project goes in front of the state board reviewing applications for Historical Resources Special Category Grants.

The board will consider the Port Theatre, and a $500,000 grant, at 9 a.m. ET Sept. 26 at the R.A. Gray Auditorium, 500 South Bronough Street in Tallahassee. A key to that presentation is local support and the folks at the non-profit which owns the Port Theatre are hoping for a local turnout.

“The community needs this theater,” said Natalie Shoaf. “Every year we they (the Legislature) have stopped the funding right above us.”

The non-profit is currently having a temporary roof installed on the theater after Hurricane Michael did its damage and has gone through the FEMA process.

“We need our community to show up and support our efforts,” Shoaf said.

Any questions call Shoaf at 227-4355. --- Tim Croft