On Monday, the City Council heard the first reading of a voluntary annexation of almost 63 acres for a possible 140 lot subdivision. It is the third time the ordinance has been brought before the council. City manager Tim Bolduc also discussed possible new entertainment opportunities for youth in the city.

CRESTVIEW — The City Council hopes the third time's the charm for an ordinance to annex 63 acres near the intersection of Garrett Pit Road and Point Center Road behind Antioch Elementary School.

The property is proposed to be used for a 140-lot subdivision.

The annexation was originally approved back in December 2018, but because of an error the ordinance was repealed and replaced. The second ordinance underwent a first reading in July. However, a failure was made known to Crestview's city staff that residents had not been properly notified of the changes during the first annexation process.

The land was originally part of a three-lot comprehensive plan that would bring more than 500 new homes to the area, but because of the failure of notification the land was pulled from the plan to allow for proper notification. The approval of the annexation heard Monday will allow for the completion of both the comprehensive plan amendment and zoning change of the lot. This would then allow for possible development.

In other business, City Manager Tim Bolduc raised the possibility of partnering with a club for remote-control cars. In the possible partnership, the city would give a portion of land near Fire Station 3 on Brookmeade Drive to the group to build a remote control track to use for tournaments or other events. The city now uses the property for storage.

“One of the main complaints we get is there is nothing for the kids to do,” Bolduc said. “When we have an opportunity to partner with a group to provide more activities that youth may participate in, I always think it’s a good idea.”

Bolduc also mentioned the possibility of using part of the same property for a new skate park. The park would be in partnership with Hub City Skate, a local skate shop that began trying to raise funds for a park a few months ago.

“If you look around us, the city of Fort Walton Beach has one, Milton has one and Niceville has one,” Bolduc said.

The council approved Bolduc moving ahead with talks of partnership for both possible projects. He will now look at the location with other city staff to make sure the property is the best place for the park and track. He will also form a committee of skate experts to discuss the best way to fund and build the park.

"We need to keep the youth occupied," Councilman Andrew Rencich said.