Something isn't right here

Congressman Gaetz, you agree and favor Trump's diversions of Military funds in favor of the wall??

No. 1 The wall will accomplish nothing and No. 2 a large portion of those funds are being taken from the European Defense Initiative (EDI) and/or the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) which are funds allotted to strengthen our defense of NATO against the Russians.

Since the Russian invasion of Crimea, the U.S. response was to enact sanctions against Putin and remove the Russians from the G8 and to allocate funds to the Country of Ukraine for defense.

In the 2 1/2 years since Trump has been in office, he has relaxed sanctions on Russia, he’s requested Russia be allowed back into the G7, and he’s threatening to stop the aid to Ukraine, and now top it off with diverting funds from the EDI/ERI

Who gains??? Putin and the Russians gain. Trump has already softened America’s penalty on Russia and they’re still occupying Crimea.

Why is Trump catering and caving in to Putin? Something's not right.

Whats going on Congressman?

— Andrew McKavanagh, Niceville