Sales tax alone not enough 

Up Front! I am in favor of a sales tax, we need one. 

But, not without an impact fee as well. With an impact fee it might have a chance of passing. 

I don’t want to believe that our leaders agree with the developers that a $3,000 fee added to the sale price of a $200,000 home will kill the sale. At one time it was noted 10,000 home were needed over the next 5 years — hate to see $30 million dollars go by the way side. 

I also don’t want to believe that our leaders are being influence by the contributions of the developers to their campaign. I believe they have more integrity than that. That additional money from an impact fee could be used, along with the sales tax to fund some of our short falls here in the County. 

Add an impact fee along with the sales tax issue and it would have a better chance of passing. I could then vote for both. 

Ray Slingerland, Milton