Bus driver cited for failing to yield

SHALIMAR — No one was injured after an Okaloosa County School bus accidentally collided with another vehicle Monday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

The accident occurred at 6:50 a.m. The bus, which was transporting three children, was stopped at the stop sign on 8th Street, facing north at the 6th Avenue intersection. The other vehicle, a 2014 Honda Odyssey, was stopped at the stop sign on 6th Avenue, facing east at the 8th Street intersection.

The Honda approached the stop sign prior to the bus, the FHP reported. The driver of the car entered and began proceeding across the intersection, and then the driver of the bus, failing to realize the car was in the intersection, proceeded to enter it.

As a result, the bus’s front fender collided with the Honda’s rear right quarter panel.

The bus sustained minor damage, while the Honda sustained disabling damage because of airbag deployment.

The bus driver, 65-year-old Mark Dye of Niceville, was charged with failing to yield at a four-way intersection.