While I can certainly appreciate the origin of sources, I must ask who announced the moving of the ambulance services from Lanark Village. When was it announced and where was it announced? Sounds like a put-up deal to me, given that proposals for renovations had already been submitted to the county commission at the time of the announcement.

After reading Ms. Funderburk’s column (See Lanark News Aug. 29 “Good reasons to keep ambulances in Lanark”), I immediately went to the fire chief of the Lanark/St. James fire department and he told me that he never suggested moving the ambulance service. So let me get this straight - the recommendation of the fire chief is ignored in favor of spending upwards of $440,000 for two new ambulances plus $135,000 for renovations.

Will these costs be added to the hundreds of thousands dollars the county commissioners have already burdened the county with through mismanagement of its rural certificate of need?

Given the two recent unexplained house fires and the recent rash of deliberately set woods fires, I would suggest the residents of Lanark Village pay less attention to speed bumps and more attention to the juvenile gang of arsonists roaming the village at three o’clock in the morning.

It is a miracle that nobody was hurt in the recent house fires. However, the first time some invalid senior citizens dies of smoke inhalation, or is burnt to a crisp, then it will be time to hang these juvenile arsonists and their parents by their busted browns

By the by, if the county is so motivated to spend money on the fire department, I suggest they immediately repair the ventilation system in the main fire house. In fact, why not take the $535,000 it proposes for two new ambulances and renovations to the proposed location, and build a new fire house for the engines and ambulances on land owned by the fire department, just to the west of the current location. (Nah, makes fiscal sense and we know that is a no sequitur with the commission)

John Hitron