Criminals will get their weapons

I know this latest shooting will bring out people screaming gun control.

Criminals don’t care about gun laws. They will get weapons one way or another. The only way to stop attacks like this is if people arm themselves. Then when a crazy person opens fire they need to be willing to take cover and return fire.

I know some people will say that is not what people should do, but if we are not willing to defend ourselves then these crazy people will have the freedom to kill for as long as they want. Had a group of people carrying weapons had been in the area and opened fire, the shooter(s) would have been stopped long before they stopped on their own.

Now the first thing you have to understand is that carrying a weapon requires the person to be willing to learn how to use it correctly, so if you do have to use it to protect yourself or others you will be able to hit your target.

If people start defending themselves, these crazies will know it’s not just target practice and they might have to end up defending themselves. Don’t be a fish in a barrel. Learning to defend yourself is the only way to stop someone that wants to open fire at you.

Don Bafundo, Fort Walton Beach