Climate change and liberal agenda

Regarding the Northwest Florida Daily News Sept. 2, 2019 editorial "Rubio and Scott don't get climate change," what Rubio and Scott don't get, thankfully, is the liberal/environmentalist propaganda about climate change.

Simply put, the climate has and will continue to change.

But, the reason is nature, not the carbon dioxide produced by using fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide theory comes primarily from models used by the United Nations and environmental activist organizations. Those models are flawed and cannot replicate what is actually happening. The reason that these models do not work is that they try to make carbon dioxide, not nature, the driver of change.

By the way, Representative Matt Gaetz has begun a climate initiative that indicates that he also drank the carbon dioxide koolaide. His staff has not responded to my phone or email attempts to correspond on this issue. I don't understand why.

Those who would like to know and understand the scientific facts, rather than liberal policy, regarding climate change can go to the Science & Environmental Policy Project ( They will send you a weekly email that examines changes to the climate from a scientific, not political, aspect.

Jene Robinson, Defuniak Springs