CRESTVIEW — A new police chief is in town, and he comes in with plans to improve the department.

Stephen McCosker officially began his role as the new Crestview Police Chief on Wednesday. McCosker, who has almost 30 years of experience in law enforcement, said he is ready to hold the Police Department to a higher standard than ever before.

One of his first goals is to review the accreditation process.

“For any business or organization, accreditation is the gold standard,” McCosker said. “That’s something that if we’re going to be municipal leaders, we’re going to have to work on.”

The Police Department has faced a lot of problems recently, but the new chief understands that crime has become a major problem in the city. He hopes with an increased focus on communication, the problems will begin to be resolved.

“On the law enforcement side of it, we’re going to have to increase our presence, but we’re also going to have to increase the public’s willingness to communicate with us,” McCosker said. “It doesn’t matter what community you’re in, people that live there will always know more than the people that are working the community, so making sure we have active communication will help us start to address those issues.”