For the past several weeks, Franklin County elementary school students have been back in school learning rules and procedures in their newly assigned classrooms. In the Seahawk Arts room, students have been learning to break the rules of drawing traditional self-portraits. Each grade level, from kindergarten through sixth, created visual representations of themselves in the styles of various artists. This week's Seahawk Artistry features student artists in kindergarten through third grade.

Kindergarten students traced a circle template for their head, inspired by the whimsical style of Spanish artist, Joan Miro.
First graders were guided on continuous line drawing to resemble one of Swiss-born abstract artist, Paul Klee's paintings, "Arrival of the Bridegroom."
Second grade students worked from a dot template to help get the pop art look of American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.
Students in third grade created self-portraits in the very childlike style of American designer and children's book illustrator, Nate Williams.

Next week's Seahawk Artistry will feature self-portrait representations created by students in fourth through sixth grades.