Tax burden too great amid scandals

The scandals of the firings, resignations and criminal prosecution of those associated with the cases involving Perillo, Kenwood and Silver Sands have left the citizens and taxpayers of this county rocked.

Now, to add salt to our wounds, Mary Beth Jackson wants us to pay over a quarter-million for her attorney fees, on top on her back pay, her retirement, travel fees probably, you name it. We have essentially “paid off” Henry Kelly already.

Who is next to ask for more? Farley? Vaughan? Stacey Smith? Then there’s the entire Silver Sands’ cases still in the wings!  Oh, and what about the lawsuit filed by Eddie Perillo? This, too, shall be settled. So where does it all end? Shall the School Board create an “Assistant Superintendent of Lawsuits” position in addition to the other myriad of czar-like officers? I am disgusted by it all. By the time it’s all settled, the amount paid to all parties could have funded much more than damage control and back pay (for nothing).

Next time we hear that our buses are aging, our old school buildings crumbling, our teachers need a raise, or the usual “but it’s for the children” whine, I urge everyone to remember the utter waste of monies on this black-eye to our school system. We’re already being forced to pay more taxes now, and this is what we get.

Bonnie Armstrong, Niceville