Walton County is now offering free community Wi-Fi at 13 locations. These Wi-Fi hotspots allow the community to access the internet in areas where it is either sparse or unavailable, according to a press release from the county.

Here are the locations:

• Walton County Fire Rescue, Gaskin

• Walton County Fire Rescue, Glendale

• Sheriff Substation, Paxton

• Sheriff Substation, Mossy Head

• Courthouse Annex, Santa Rosa Beach

• County Courthouse, DeFuniak Springs

• Walton County Fire Rescue, United Fire

• Freeport Business Complex

• Walton County Fire Rescue, Windswept

• Walton County Fire Rescue, Choctaw Beach

• Walton County Jail

• District 3 commissioner's office

• Walton County Fire Rescue, Red Bay

In order to access the Wi-Fi, the user will have to turn on their Wi-Fi settings on their devices and search for available signals. The name of the Wi-Fi that they will access is Community Wi-Fi. There is no password on the connection.

Once the Wi-Fi is accessed, users must stay in range of the antenna for the internet to continue to work. The signal is not 360 degrees around a building. The signal will be strongest closer to the antenna, but the signal should extend about 500 feet from the antenna location.

The speeds of the internet will depend on the number of users accessing the network. If there are a large number of users on the network at one time, the speeds will be slower. We anticipate that speeds will be faster when the offices are closed in the evenings and on the weekends.

While the speeds may not be as fast as those expected within a home or office setting, they should support the ability for the public to perform such tasks as completing homework assignments, job applications, Wi-Fi based phone calls, etc.

While the county is proud to be able to offer these services to the public, we will continue to work to expand increased broadband access throughout the county, the release said.