News that Popeye's announced this week that the chain had run out of inventory for its viral chicken sandwiches was too much for one man, who decided to sue the fast-food chain over the matter.

Andrea Burch: WTH ... it's chicken! There is no chicken in the world worth all that.

Tiffany Blackford: Had one today. It was delicious.

Ashley Farrow Padgett: That's it, I’m suing McDonald’s about their ice cream machines.

Brenda White: Really. Why does there have to be that one person that has to make it political. What does that have to do with this article? Just sayin.

Eugenia Garcia Lauga: Lol this is just crazy lol. So if McDonald's runs out of Coke who's suing?

Kelli Speck: Eugenia Garcia Lauga, every time I go they can’t make a shake because the machine is down. I’m wondering why they haven’t been sued.

Colin Johnston: Is his last name Trump?

Don Schwarz: This is why we need a loser pay system.

Shelli Moore:  Stupid ... You can’t fix it!!


Here are comments on news that the St. Joe Co. is building a family friendly entertainment center on the Beach.

Larry Clemons: Maybe St Joe's has IDEAS for Family Friendly Fun on Our Downtown Marina to compliment their Hotel! Please help "Save Our Marina" St. Joe!

Joshua David: And what is anyone doing about improving our roadways and infrastructure?

Pat Kern Spruell: More traffic and more reasons I won't be driving to Pier Park anymore. My last time was in January and I live at the beach. I now shop in town. Was at Target in town today. It was a breeze driving back to the beach on 23rd St at 3 p.m.