America grieves the recent senseless mass shootings in unison, but our politicos immediately shout for more gun control and a ban on assault weapons (whatever that means). Laws on the books are sufficient, if enforced. A better solution is mind awareness.

In most of these events, the sick shooter left a trail on social media. His thoughts were revealed by his hateful, sick posts, but nobody knew about them until after the event. These massive social networks have the ability to “flag” such posts, just as they had the ability to swing votes to Hillary Clinton. A mechanism that would detect these types of posts immediately and automatically forward them to the FBI or local law enforcement agencies should be considered, rather than merely banning them for “violating policy.”

New legislation would be required to get around privacy laws, perhaps, but the benefit would far exceed any personal inconvenience that might result. The way social media networks operate could be adapted to assist authorities and perhaps prevent future events, although additional law enforcement personnel probably would be needed to implement this approach.

The gun culture in America is massive, and any political attempts to regulate, register or confiscate weapons could be a terrible mistake. To say a gun is liable for a shooting death is akin to saying a vehicle is liable for an auto death. The Supreme Court will soon rule on that issue. Whatever that outcome, techniques that warn of sick minds planning violence should be developed and used.