I have been a Northwest Florida Daily News customer for close to 40 years, and have no beef, just a few words to describe what I would consider good news. So here is my short story.

In today's society, we tend to, excuse the pun, take one bad apple and spoil the whole bushel. This story, I hope, will have an opposite effect.

I answered the knock on my door a few days ago and standing there was a young man, I thought maybe early 20s. He had a sad look on his face.

My first thought was, he was trying to sell me something, and perhaps he feared another negative response, but the reason for his presence was completely different.

He said, "I was riding my bicycle down the street, and when I got beside your car, (that was parked on the street), my chain came off, and I veered into the side of your car, putting a long black crease in your left side. I first want to say how sorry I am, and I want to pay you to have it fixed."

I dare say, nine out of 10 would have gone on quickly without stopping. But he was the good apple that gives us older folks hope for the future. He said it was his fault, and he insisted he pay for the damages.

I finally told him I could get it fixed for around fifteen or twenty dollars. He handed me a twenty dollar bill, and said again, "I am sorry." He lives in Mary Esther and works for Panera Bread. We would all do well to share news about the good apple.

This young man proves that not all young persons are bad apples.

Thanks for listening.

Duane Keck, Mary Esther.