It's been an active summer for this year's Lady Seahawk volleyball team.

And by the time the regular season ends with the district tournament in October at The Nest, lots of onlookers are looking for Franklin County to make a a good run.

There's lot of experience and solid physical talent on coach Tara Klink's varsity squad. Names to that team are Sophia Robertson, Maliah Lockley, Ryan Brown, Sage Brannan, Kylah Ross, Brooklyn O’Neal, Skylar Johnson, Jahneese Brathwaite, Tiauna Benjamin, and Abby Johnson.

Named to the Junior Varsity team are Mya Brown, Autumn Loesch, Samantha Anderson, Grace Adair, Marissa Gilbert, Kylee Smith, Ariel Andrews, Myia Maxwell, Meredith Alford, Kaitlin Robbins, Jaelyn Tipton and Hannah Abel.

The Middle School team will consist of  Shianne Shaw, Emily Patterson, Taylor Mallon, Kaylyn McNair, Alexia McNair, Jada Allen, Jazmyn Pavon, Madison Millender, Sarah Ham, Kayleigh Messer, Maleah Bell and Jostyn Tipton.