Don't let Tanner Magee fool you

The Aspen Institute made a grave mistake when it made state Rep. Tanner Magee, R-Houma, a member of its fellowship program.

The national group must not follow our state's local politics, as the group believes in freedom and democracy.

Tanner Magee tried to take away private property rights from landowners in favor of special-interest groups. All of you need to remember House Bill 391. There are quite a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing in our political arena. Call me if you want a complete list. They tried to pass this again in 2019 but failed. 

Don't let that baby face you see in The Courier and Daily Comet fool you. We need to vote him out. You also need to join the Louisiana Landowners Association to keep those wolves and snakes out of our Legislature.

Herdis Neil,



I'm a proud Trump voter

After Obama was elected, we had eight years of a sluggish economy, a 33 percent increase in food stamps and a massive increase in the U.S. debt. Remember the shovel-ready jobs costing taxpayers millions? All we got was the shovel.

He proclaimed to have visited nearly all of the "57 states" in the country. This is the same person Oprah Winfrey proclaimed to be a genius. He went around the world apologizing for U.S. intervention. If not for the brave men and women of the USA, most of Europe would be speaking German.

Maybe Obama should have paid attention in school instead of being high and stoned most of the time, something he freely admitted to.

When he was elected president, not once but twice, I didn't need a safe space, a stuffed animal or to miss work.

Today, Democrats can not accept that Donald Trump won the presidency. He beat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, the money and the fake media. No president has ever been treated so badly. Over 90% negative coverage from fake news, attacks on his family -- unbelievable. Shame on you. Unemployment is the lowest ever, we have a tax cut, less regulation and a strong military. You would never know this except for Fox News.

Democrats have given every excuse imaginable. Hillary would not even concede. Some of her excuses were that women were told by their husbands, bosses or sons how to vote.

Note to Hillary: I am not married, am self-employed and my son knows better. You guessed it. I voted for Trump, and the Russians had nothing to do with it.


Linda Cheramie,