Just a few short years ago, there wasn’t much reason for cheering or optimism about the Nicholls State football team.

From 2011 through 2014, the team won a total of six games. The Colonels when 0-12 in 2014, a season that saw the departure of then-head coach Charlie Stubbs.

Beginning the following season, though, the Colonels have enjoyed a renaissance and an unprecedented amount of success.

Current head coach Tim Rebowe remade the team, and the Colonels have done better and better each year under his leadership. They just finished their second-straight winning season (a team first) and their second-straight Football Championship Subdivision playoff appearance (also a team first).

On Saturday, Nicholls State traveled to the Pacific Northwest to take on Eastern Washington, a team that was a massive favorite. The Colonels, though, were tough throughout the game. They even took a lead into halftime and seemed to be giving the Eagles more of a challenge than they were expecting.

The win wasn’t to be. As Eastern Washington responded in the second half, the Colonels battled strongly but came up short.

None of that should lessen the fact that the Colonels are team on the rise. They have shown a steady and consistent improvement over four years now, and there is every reason to think that trend will continue next year.

It has been an exciting journey for the team’s fans, who have enjoyed seeing the hometown team meet with more success year after year. More of those fans are finding their way to the games and giving the Colonels much-needed moral support from the stands.

They have come a long way, and Rebowe surely wants to make sure it continues. The great thing about college programs is that success tends to build success. As the Colonels get more attention for their big wins and inspiring play, more student-athletes will be drawn to Nicholls. In other words, don’t look for this success story to change anytime in the near future.

Good job, Colonels. You had a great season and thrilled your many local fans with your excellent teamwork. Although you have a bitter taste in your mouths now, the coming months will give you time to turn that disappointment into fuel for the rest of the journey.

The fans already can’t wait until next year.


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