The elections are over, and, aside from a few races that are headed to runoffs next month, the officeholders have been selected by the voters.

This was an eventful election cycle, with so many issues and candidates on the ballots.

And nationally, there was plenty of partisan rancor to divide us among ourselves.

But here in Louisiana, it felt like the partisanship was secondary to the ideologies that drove most of the issues that were decided on Election Day.

Sure, there were candidates here and there who made the question of party an issue, but those were the exceptions rather than the rule.

Louisiana isn’t above the kind of partisanship that seems to be evident across our nation, but we do manage to steer clear of it in many instances.

And that is a good thing for the voters and the people these candidates serve and the people who must abide by the laws they and we help to make.

To everyone who took an active role in the electoral process, thank you.

From the elections commissioners who help so many of us cast our votes to the folks who helped make sense out of some of the more convoluted questions on our ballots, everyone did their part.

The voters turned out to make their voices heard. They did their civic duty, and they brought knowledge and understanding to the voting booths with them.

Finally, all the candidates deserve our thanks for putting their names out there and spending so much time, effort and money trying to make a difference in our communities.

Even if everyone were willing to vote, we would still need the brave and strong people who are willing to serve to be able select our representatives.

However the elections turned out for you – win or lose – thank you so much for showing the commitment necessary to run and, if elected, to serve in difficult, often thankless posts that are nonetheless necessary for the functioning of our various governmental subdivisions.

Tuesday gave voters around the U.S. a chance to do what people elsewhere would fight and die to be able to do – participate in our own government.

Thank you and congratulations to all who seized the opportunity to exercise our American right to vote.


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