Dear editor,

(In response to a recent letter from "Mr. Harper") Wow - I had no idea there was so much hatred for the basic truth and Christianity. 

1. Ruth Bitter Ginsburg did say that it was time to move to New Zealand and you can say she didn’t mean it - she still said it. That was a truth and cannot be otherwise. Ms. Ruth is also on record as telling the Egyptians the American Constitution would not be a good model to follow - this coming from someone whose sole job is to defend and protect that Constitution. Ruth has interpreted that Constitution in a way that allows abortion on demand. When she’s not sleeping (too much wine she says) she is doing damage to America.

2. (President) Barack Obama knew that after Muslims flew their planes into the twin towers that there would be consequences … and he wanted to make sure there would not be any - along the lines of what happened to the Japanese Americans when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. He mentioned Arabs … and Pakistan … and (President) Barack Hussein Obama said if such repercussions were to take place - he would stand with them. Yes, I too, see that statement exactly as Chrys Holley (saw it).

We all know Chrys Holley - we all know there is nothing but total love and devotion to Biblical truth and to her (and the world’s savior) Jesus Christ - she has long been a servant to humanity and has an acute awareness that the USA is the "shining light" for the world and that our God and Constitutional rights and freedoms are at stake. She will defend them to the end – and she will be standing with Jesus to welcome those who love Him and follow His commandments home to heaven. 



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