Dear editor,

The physical signs of an end-time tribulation yet continue into 2018. With North Carolina being smashed by Hurricane Florence and now Florida being smashed by Hurricane Michael, the devastation continues as we end the second year of record tragedies. Even Georgia has now experienced Hurricane Michael, its worst hurricane in 120 years.

Only last week did I hear that it was 80,000 people who lost their lives in last years’ flu epidemic in America. Mass shootings this year are over 275 and appear to be heading to a number higher than last year’s 346, and these only include killings or injuries of four or more people. When you add the drive-by shootings, the road-rage shootings, and the only one to three dead from shootings, you can see how massive a problem exists.

I’m not one to dwell on tragedies, but I am one who tries to understand what is really happening. I think you’d have to be a Bible-believer to help put this all in a worldly perspective. Now, I believe that the Christian creator, Jesus Christ, or God has a plan for this planet Earth. The plan includes you having every opportunity to discover Him or find Him. You might find him through a family tragedy — like the death of a loved one, or a personal tragedy — like divorce, drugs, or alcohol, or poverty. But, He isn’t waiting for you; He is also providing evidence, almost daily, that He is in charge and you can see Him at work. He explains in Revelation how
Earth will end, if you want to read about it. You can listen in church as preachers try to tell you about it. But, Earth will come to an end someday and when it does some people get to Heaven and some people get to Hell. And He gives you the freedom to choose which one it will be, but the clock is ticking!

One more clue — this goes back to my March 11 letter to the editor. I couldn’t understand how President Trump could meet with Kim Jong Un without the Catholic Pope being involved, one of my end-time beliefs. But, it didn’t happen, then. Guess what; two days ago Kim Jong Un requested the Pope, of all people, to visit him in North Korea. So, now I’m thinking that President Trump’s second visit  with Kim may include the Pope. The plot thickens. Are you ready?

I lovingly encourage you to be alert, vigilant, and prepared for what is happening and what will continue to happen as the world around you unfolds.



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