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Iesha Jones Smith: She probably was patrolling and they asked her to be in it. She probably had no clue of the content. Notice there are no guns in her presence. She was being nice and got played by those kids.

Kacie Reid Naquin: Two things: What point does the cop serve in the video and what on God’s green Earth made her think this was OK?

Aaron Leboeuf: Why was it not OK?

Holly Vincent Gurauskas: Did you read the article? I ask this sincerely. It says that the officers pulled up while they were filming and questioned what they were doing to make sure they weren't up to no good. The person filming kept the camera rolling. I don't see a problem with that.

Kaitlyn Williams: Why wasn’t it OK?

Kacie Reid Naquin: Coming from a registered nurse, it would be as if people were filming a video in front if a hospital with drugs in it and just hanging out in the video. Unprofessional.

Kylie Frye: I’m starting to believe people just want something to complain about and that they would complain no matter the outcome. We don’t want our police being unfair to us, and we don’t want them coming down on the wrong people, but we don’t want them to get along and try to make a sense of community either? Do I think the guys in the video look a bit silly waving guns around? Yes. But half of this nation listens to artists who do and sing about much worse. Find something better to do with your time.

Jordy Pujol: Am I the only one who doesn’t see a problem with this? These kids are just having fun and making a music video. They obviously were polite and welcoming to the officer and were doing nothing illegal. The officer probably didn’t realize they were going to put her in the music video and thought they were just taking pictures for social media or something. I don’t see any harm in letting all communities know that police can relate to everyone. Quite the opposite really. Our collective sense of humor has hit a brick wall.

Nessy Vincent: And would it have been better if she was in a video with white kids screaming with guitars and guns about shooting the next school up?

Brandi Jarreau: If Houma PD punishes that woman in any way they are ridiculous. She and the car are in the video for maybe five seconds. These people need to get their priorities straight instead of wasting money and time “investigating” this nonsense. Why don’t you get it together and get the real drug dealers and crackheads off the streets?

Janie LeBlanc: I mean, at least they had better trigger discipline than half the people I know.

Megyn Lirette: They sure didn't have a good grip.

Jalisa Mulligan: I’m the one who shot the video. The cops were patrolling and just stopped by to make sure that nothing was going on. They were making sure that the young men weren’t breaking the law. The guns were fake, and the guns were not around in the scene with the cops.

Jeanne Barrera: What's the name of the video I'd like to see it! Keep your head up and keep doing you! Someone will always have something to say whether it's good or bad.

Jalisa Mulligan: Yeah, she was just doing her job and we were filming! She doesn’t deserve anything wrong.

Jeanne Barrera: I agree with you, Jalisa. They should be honored to have their people in a rap video, especially with all the police lives matter going on!

Blac Paris: I don’t see the problem. People need to see stuff like this.

Brandi Jarreau: There is nothing wrong with this video at all. The kids look like they are having fun being in a music video and she seems unbothered by what’s happening, so obviously everyone was being respectful to her when she pulled up. Houma PD is crazy for “investigating."

Jalisa Mulligan: Right, right and right! Wish they had more officers like her.

Janie LeBlanc: Nothing was around while she was out there though. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong.

Dani Cortez: It looks poorly on HPD. The guns don’t look fake.

Janie LeBlanc: I mean, he has more lyrical talent than 60 percent of what plays on the radio today. I wouldn’t be mad.

Chelsy Marcel: The officer was patrolling the area and stopped to check out the scene. She probably didn't even know she was in the video.

Hailey Theriot: Wasn’t hurting anything with her in the video though as no props were videoed with her around. Seems like they're mad over nothing. But don’t say anything when a cop is out there doing wrong, just trying to defend those actions.

Jackie Higgins: And if she would have just left somebody would be hollering about her leaving in the middle of a riot (lol). Personally if she were not there when they were flashing guns, I don’t see an issue. Lighten up. We have far worse happening every day. Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture in context.

Jody Smith Sr.: Leave her alone.

Amanda Matis: And cops are encouraged to be positive role models in the community and build relationships. She may have just been patrolling and stopped to talk or maybe she was responding to a call. Could have been so many things, but I don’t think she saw the guns.