Cheers – Helping those in need

Three Houma firefighters are lending a hand to help those who have been affected by Hurricane Florence, the powerful storm that has battered our nation’s East Coast.

Blake Estevez, Randy Swalley Jr. and Jake Allemand were among nearly 100 Louisiana emergency workers who left our state and went to help out where they were needed.

Our entire region can be proud of our continued willingness to help others who suffer the effects of terrible storms, and we have done it time and again. Part of the reason is that we know so well how badly these things can hurt and how much help is needed and appreciated.

“It’s a dangerous job, and it’s a dangerous hurricane,” said Parish President Gordon Dove. “We’re doing everything we can to help them. We pray to God the people of that area come out all right. It’s an honor for the Terrebonne Parish and the Houma Fire Department to be a part of it. It’s communities helping communities.”

That it is, and what a great thing for these hard-working men to do.

Well done.


Cheers – Port expansion

Port Fourchon is a huge facility that allows people, vessels and material to help supply the Gulf of Mexico oilfield.

And it will soon be even larger.

The port has entered a lease agreement with the Edward Wisner Donation Trust for 900 acres of land adjacent to the port, allowing an important expansion.

“We estimate that this project could attract an initial investment of up to $250 million in a cutting-edge deepwater rig repair and refurbishment facility, which in turn, will attract approximately $90 million in repair works per year for such a facility in Port Fourchon,” Port Commission Executive Director Chett Chiasson said.

That is good news for our region as the port looks to grow its operations beyond its already-impressive facility.

Good deal.


Cheers – A recreation plan

Local officials have a plan for expanding recreation opportunities and using miles of area along Bayou Lafourche.

That is great news for the many people who would benefit from such an undertaking.

“The excitement and enthusiasm around this project has been extremely encouraging,” said Ryan Perque, executive director of the Friends of Bayou Lafourche, which released the plan. “This project is one of kind in our region and will be a great asset for Bayou Lafourche and Nicholls. We are thrilled to begin the next stage of this project which includes funding and construction.”

The $8.1 million plan envisions boardwalks, docks, an amphitheater, parking and a boat launch, among other upgrades.

Now the real work – securing the money for this ambitious project – will begin.

Good luck on this quality-of-life issue.


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