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Dustin Thibodeaux: The priestshood should go ahead allow marriage and women clergy.

Jeremy Fontenot: I don't see the numbers decreasing, but I do see the reporting decreasing.

Jennifer Smith: I mean, Catholics have been abusing kids, man. That's a no-no.

Janet LeBoeuf: Explain?

Jennifer Smith: You need me to explain pedophilia driven by religious authority?

Mitch Trahan: Fitting.

Kory Domangue: I would love to hear your side of it though.

Jeffrey Landry: I would not blame all Catholics for the action of a few bad priests.

Jennifer Smith: I'm not blaming all Catholics, but I'm not acting surprised at the steady decline of said Catholics.

Inside Pooda's Brain: Tax churches. Wrestling, magicians and Kardashians are taxed.

Tisa Acosta: This is very sad.

Harold J Billiot: Catholic priests have been hiding their sins for decades, and it’s past time to put an end to it and punish all who are guilty.

Terry Lirette: It’s not just Catholics, it’s all so called men of God.

Janet LeBoeuf: Not all Catholic priests. There are only a small amount. You can't blame all priests for the few.

Naomi Plake Vasquez: It is everywhere.

Naomi Plake Vasquez: He didn't say all of them were, and he isn't blaming all for only the guilty. Read it right before you are ready to debate.

Terry Lirette: Where is the government when you need them? They should be raiding churches and dragging these people out buy their stupid costumes.

Matt Russo: Historically the Catholic Church makes deals with parents when the accusations happen; therefore it goes away, and the police don't do anything. Until the parents first call the police and report it, the priests will continue to be insulated from the justice system.

Terry Lirette: That needs to change. What authority do they have? It’s a club, and it’s time for them to be taken down.

Janet LeBoeuf: Then he needs to specify some Catholic priests.

Matt Russo: On WWL last week, they had an officer on Newell's show who basically said the parents need to quit settling for money and go after prosecution.

A.j. Landry: If a bishop, priest, religious or layman fails to live up to the standards he is preaching, the blame lies with him and not with the message he preaches. His actions say much about himself but not about the teachings of Christ. If it were proven that Albert Einstein was a child molester, that would not disprove the theory of relativity. A system should not be judged by its worst adherents but by its best, those who actually live up to its standards. Judge the Catholic Church by its saints, not by its hypocrites.

Dani Cortez: And they wonder why.

Jenna Boudreaux: Right.