A rose is a rose by any other name and everyone deserves one from time time, while brickbats seemingly hit all of us at some point or another in life. Here are some of each in local news last week.

ROSES … for the opening of the Skywheel at Pier Park last weekend after months of anticipation of a unique new feature for locals and tourists. The 200-foot-tall observation wheel will be open year-round, is ADA compliant and each gondola holds up to six people. And while it can withstand winds of up to 146 mph, we do not anticipate it being open during a hurricane. But it's designed to be there when it's over.

BRICKBATS ... for the unwarranted hold social media outlets like Facebook have over people. With all the incredible things Facebook brings us - togetherness, bonding, new friends, connections - people are too quick to believe fraudulent news spread there. In Bay County last week a huge number of parents were horrified to see a Facebook post that included a picture of a carton of milk supposedly dated as expiring in 2015 that allegedly was served to a local student. By all accounts it didn't actually happen, but the district had to waste too many hours scurrying to squelch the rumors and even held a news conference to reassure parents.

ROSES ... for Holmes County sheriff's deputies and the bevy of other agencies and citizens who worked throughout the morning Friday to recapture a sexual battery on a child suspect who escaped from the Holmes County Jail sometime overnight. Deputies went to the right places fast, citizens gave good tips quickly, and cops smartly tracked the suspect's movements with business cameras along State 79 to a truck stop in Dothan where police caught him before noon - and with no injuries.

BRICKBATS ... for the existence of what Holmes Sheriff John Tate creatively termed, "an engineering flaw in my opinion," that allowed the escape. The "flaw" was the fact that the ceiling in the holding cell was made of plywood and sheetrock, which wasn't much of an impediment for Michael Jeffrey Scott Olson, who broke a hole in it and went from there to a vent that led outside. Rural sheriffs are underfunded and depend on their Commissions to give them what they need - a jail with plywood and sheetrock roofs doesn't cut it in this day and age and why it was allowed in the first place is beyond us. But we hope the county helps its sheriff address it.

ROSES ... for Tropical Storm Gordon, which sped to the south and west of our area leaving behind less rain that many other days in the last few weeks before it was conceived. We hope other storms follow its example and head west without growing into major storms.

BRICKBATS ... for a trio of hurricanes heading toward the states. Hurricane Florence is looking to be a monster and is threatening the east coast, while Hurricanes Isaac and Helene are already growing behind it. We do not seek your company.