Don't be blind to dangers of socialism

Liberal socialists are on the march. They give the impression that a majority of Americans favor socialism. Wrong! Only about 20 percent of voters are leaning to socialism. News and social media assist these liberals to sway young voters.

If you think social media aren't hurting your freedom, try to send a conservative message on Facebook or Twitter. You will be censored or banned. Google will give you socialist information and very little conservative information. Our freedom of speech is being taken away step by step by liberals. Be afraid, people.

Today's colleges teach the great things socialism can do for the poor, all the while downplaying capitalism. It is all ideology with little truth. The facts are simple: Socialism has failed every time it's been implemented. From the Pilgrims to Russia, Cuba and Venezuela, all are failures, often with high inflation, a two-tier system of very rich and very poor and corruption.

The real problems with socialism are greed and human nature. People are greedy and lazy. You'll never change that, so it fails.

The liberals constantly try to silence conservatives. They use violence, mob rule and threats to silence us. Where is the freedom of speech for conservatives?

One liberal stated that objectivity is the enemy of social justice. Now think about that for a minute. They're saying that looking at a problem from different points of view is wrong. So they only want their point of view. That's fascism. Look it up.

The Democrats are hurting. They hate Trump, and all they can do is obstruct. They have no good solutions and nothing to offer the people. If they get back in power, tax cuts will be stopped, government regulation will be re-implemented on businesses, and the borders will be open. So if you like high taxes, no jobs and a flood of illegal immigrants, bu all means, vote Democrat. But Republican is better.

If America does go Democrat of socialist, we will be lost, maybe forever. Look around you. Capitalism is the reason for America's grand success. It is the reason for our high standard of living. It is the reason people can fulfill their dreams. America is far above all nations of the world in riches, technology, manufacturing, farming and freedoms. This is only possible under our great Constitution and capitalism.

Don't let liberals destroy America and your freedoms. Vote Republican.


Michael P. Ayo



Make sure you and the young folks vote

This is not a debate but a plea. I am encouraging everyone to exercise the right to vote. Parents, if your children are over 18, make sure they are registered to vote please.

Vote. Vote as if your life depended on it. You never know. Vote. Vote as if your rights can be taken away. They can.

Most of all, vote so your children and grandchildren are always ensured that right.

One more thing. Our right to vote has been paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Emmett Till and Rep. John Lewis -- whom I call a fighter, a humble man, a humble man still fighting -- and hundreds of thousands of others who have gone on.

Just remember Lewis was beaten within an inch of his life for this right. So please, let us not let them down. Vote. Vote.


Doretha White



Wow! I thought the state was broke

Are we really going to spend $59 million on a new Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium facility?

According to your recent article, we'll spend $59 million to save $8 million over 20 years. Would you invest your money like this?

Oh, wait a minute. It is your money. Is it any wonder that the economy of our state is in the condition it's in? Are our legislators really considering this? I would like to see a breakdown of the estimated $125 million in earnings and $490 million in output over the next 20 years that LSU analyzed.

And how will it benefit me? Why can't we do like we did at the jail? Build a levee around the building equal to the height of the Morganza-to-the-Gulf levee. With the subsidence and lack of federal money to build a suitable levee, when and where will you move the proposed new facility when it goes under?

Where is the money going to come from to pay more employees with automobiles and insurance, cell phones and all the rest? We don't need to build anything that isn't self-supporting.


Herdis Neil