Dexter Tyrone Johnson Jr., 28, appeared in court Wednesday to have a bond set on the new charge — indecent exposure.

PANAMA CITY — A Bay County man implicated in the cover-up of a fatal shooting of a 19-year-old in Callaway now faces additional charges of exposing himself in the presence of a minor, according to official reports.

Dexter Tyrone Johnson Jr., 28, appeared in court Wednesday to have a bond set on the new charge. He was arrested after the Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to the fatal shooting of Demetrius Traylor at a trailer park at 5824 Cherry St. allegedly by Jacorien Keion Thomas, 23. Thomas remains at large.

Johnson initially was charged as an accessory to manslaughter after allegedly helping Thomas flee, and authorities have filed new charges against Johnson of battery, indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious exhibition in front of a child.

Johnson had a $95,000 bond on the charges added to his existing $15,000 bond.

According to BCSO reports, the latest charge stemmed from an incident days before the shooting. Johnson was in his car at the apartment complex attempting to get a woman outside the car to perform a sexual act on him, officers said. A minor was present at the time and allegedly witnessed Johnson with his sexual organ exposed, officers reported.

Only a few days later, a gunshot rang out from a trailer at 5824 Cherry St. Thomas had been showing off a firearm he had obtained when Traylor told him “to be careful and not point the firearm at people,” officers reported.

“At which time, he pointed the firearm at the victim stating it was empty,” officers wrote. “Thomas then pulled the trigger, striking the victim in the neck.”

Thomas then allegedly dragged Traylor’s body out of the mobile home and left his body in the dirt in a common area of the mobile home park in an attempt to make the incident look like a drive-by shooting, BCSO reported.

Thomas then enlisted the others in the mobile home to clean up the scene with “bleach and other cleaning products,” according to arrest reports. Thomas also might have instructed others in the trailer park to tell law enforcement that Traylor was killed in a drive-by shooting, according to investigators.

After cleaning the scene, Thomas was approached by Johnson and a woman, Amanda Rodriguez, for a ride to get away from the mobile home park, officials said. Thomas and Johnson then went to the La Brisa Inn, and Johnson later “went to great lengths” to conceal Thomas’ identity, officials reported.