Chemistry was the word of the day for the Friday matchup between the No. 3-ranked team of Bob Gambrell and Darel McKinney and the unranked duo of Keith Jenkins and Calvin Goodman in the Pritchett-Moore Men's City Invitational at Indian Hills Country Club.

All four highlighted chemistry as a crucial component to a successful doubles team but each team had its own approach.

Goodman, a Tuscaloosa Tennis Association board member, loves the comradery of playing doubles tennis with his friend.

“I’ve known Keith since I’ve been a member of the club which has been about four years, and we’ve been good friends for a good while,” Goodman said. “Our games just mesh, there are some people that you can mesh with and some people you can’t and our games seem to mesh really well.”

Goodman’s partner, Jenkins, said the duo’s chemistry extends both on and off the clay.

“We know each other and play all the time so we know each other and give each other a hard time and take it in stride,” Jenkins said. “We know what each other is going to do so that helps a lot out there.”

Gambrell and McKinney are another pair of good friends whose styles on the tennis court are complimentary.

“We play together at TRC (Tuskaloosa Racquet Club) we know each other’s game but Darel is really good at the net, so if I can hit some good deep shots that will usually set him up at the net and can put them away,” Gambrell said.

McKinney also believes he and his partner have a synergy on the court.

“We play the same kind of game, we both like to attack the net, we both have decent ground strokes from the baseline,” McKinney said. “We just work well together, we pick each other up, we don’t get down on each other, we play very well together.”

When the clay dust had settled the chemistry style of the Gambrell/McKinney duo prevailed winning 2-0 by scores of 6-4 and 6-2.