MIRAMAR BEACH — A 59-year-old woman was arrested for driving drunk and leaving the scene of an accident.

A Walton County sheriff’s deputy came to the Donut Hole restaurant to help another officer with a hit-and-run crash. The deputies were able to locate the vehicle involved in the accident with help from the victims. The car that was hit followed them until deputies were able to catch up.

One of the deputies saw the vehicle go off the road into the grass. They didn’t pull over right away, but finally pulled over at the Donut Hole. The deputy said he could smell alcohol coming from the woman’s breath and she kept handing him wrong paperwork.

There was a small bottle cap in the center console. The woman admitted to drinking one glass of champagne while she was on a boat four hours before.

The deputy asked the woman if she could perform a field sobriety test, namely, walking in a straight line. She said, “Yes, I do yoga all the time. I know most people can’t do this, but I can.”

However, she almost fell and didn’t do the task as instructed. She failed all other tests and was taken to the jail. While on the way, she told the deputy, “I am only tipsy, I am not that drunk.”

She blew a 0.093 and 0.092 blood alcohol level, just over the legal limit.