DESTIN — A 34-year-old man was arrested for boating under the influence of alcohol and drugs after he struggled to find the registration for his rented watercraft.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission officers were patrolling the Destin East Pass when they noticed a personal watercraft speeding in an idle speed/no wake zone on the southwest side of Crab Island.

The officers stopped the boat and asked the driver for his registration. After searching for a bit, the man couldn’t find a registration. He said he rented the vessel from Power Up Watersports.

The officers asked the man to search another compartment for the registration, and he opened it “in a manner to conceal what was inside.” When an officer asked him to open the compartment door the whole way, he refused.

The man refused to answer when the officers asked if there was anything illegal on the boat, but eventually admitted to having a “blunt.” Officers said in the arrest report that the man was slow to answer questions and slow moving.

The officers searched the vessel and found two cannabis cigarettes, a partially smoked cannabis cigarette and two lighters. When asked if he had smoked marijuana, the man refused to answer.

The officers detained the man and put him onto their boat. The vessel was towed to the Destin Coast Guard station. There, the officers conducted a series of field sobriety tests on the man, which he failed.

While performing the tests, one of the officers also smelled alcohol on the man. He agreed to a breath test and blew a .088, just over the legal limit. The man was arrested for boating under the influence and his drugs were seized.