How to attract pollinators to your garden

The pollinator population is declining, but backyard gardeners can help. Ortho has partnered with the Pollinator Stewardship Council for a consumer education campaign, "Bee Responsible," aimed at helping home gardeners protect the pollinators in their yards, attract more of them, and help them thrive.

Plant a pollinator-friendly garden and ask your neighbors to do the same. Use nectar and pollen-rich wildflowers.

Keep your garden pest free. Use repellent products that are neonic free, never spray on windy days and avoid flowers.

Provide shelter and water. A birdbath, bee house, piles of leaves and wild spots in your yard provide nesting and water.

Install a hummingbird feeder. You’ll love seeing these magical birds. 


3 tips for the perfect man cave bathroom 

It is possible to create a bathroom worthy of any man cave, and these tips from TOTO will show you how.

A fresh coat of paint. Switch out that drab white or brown with a soothing blue or another color that catches your attention. And don’t be afraid to hang some art or photographs. Finally a throne. The right upgrades can turn any toilet into a throne. Look beyond the standard options to find something really unique. Warm up the floors. Your toilet seat needn’t be the only thing in your bathroom that’s heated. In fact, installing heated floors in your bathroom can provide a much-appreciated dose of comfort once cooler temperatures kick in. 


Paint like a pro in 5 easy steps 

Nothing transforms a home like a fresh coat of paint. Before reaching for a paintbrush, follow these tips from Dap:

Clean up your act. Wash surfaces with soap and water, rinse well and allow them to fully dry. Scrape and sand. Smooth the surface with fine-grit sandpaper, wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Don’t forget the details. Use painter’s tape to protect window sills, molding, baseboards and the ceiling perimeter. Remove loose or cracked caulking from windows, doors and trim, and apply sealant. Fill it up. Apply spackle to cracks and dents with a putty knife. Paint with precision. Moisten rollers and brushes in water, as this will help the paint glide on. Allow the first coat to dry, then apply a second coat. Once dry, carefully pull up any painter’s tape.


Be prepared for the 2018 storm season

Whether they live in a coastal area that might be affected by a hurricane or anywhere else in the country, many people are asking: What can I do to prepare for the 2018 storm season? A big worry is the uncertainty, cost and danger they may face if they lose power, Kohler says.

An automatic standby generator automatically turns on within 10 seconds. Depending on the size of the generator, it can power everything in the home, from lights, HVAC, refrigerators, sump pumps, computers, TVs and home security systems, while smaller units can power a few key circuits.