Hatred of Trump can hurt real Americans

Regardless of your political preference, every American should be shocked, appalled and mad as hell over recent and continuing comments by Robert De Niro “Dezero” and Bill Maher “Malcontent.” These two lowest forms of human life not only hate Trump, but they also hate America and have no respect for the citizens of this country.

“Dezero” was a very good actor when in his prime - actually a favorite of mine at one time. Now, he is just a washed up actor filled with hate. He spews profanity-laced anti-Trump comments to the elitist lefties. They laugh and cheer at his insidious remarks about Trump. Why? He is not funny, nor is he entertaining. His insulting comments about Trump are so anti-American. He is simply a pathetic form of human existence.

As for “Malcontent,” I have tried to figure out what he does in his quest for fame. He does not report true news. He is the only one who thinks that he is a comedian. He is not helping out this country with his twisted views. Once again, the only group that he entertains appears to be the elitist lefties. When you publicly state that you want the U.S. to go into an economic depression just to hurt Trump, you are truly one sick individual.

These two idiots are not the only high-profile trash bags to have an inexplicable view of Trump. "The View," CNN, MSNBC and basically all of the Hollywood left are in lock step. The only joy that could come from these folks is anything that would bring Trump down, regardless of millions of Americans being negatively affected as a result. I guess they do not consider themselves part of America. Sad.


Tony Bianca



Legislature has a chance to make positive change

In Baton Rouge, state lawmakers continue working hard to solve difficult budget challenges that endanger Louisiana’s health and economic well-being. While these decisions are not easy, know that Louisiana’s citizens have done the math and understand the small difference between 1/3 and 1/2 of a penny. They also understand that cutting healthcare, education and other vital services would harm everyone in Louisiana in every demographic. For our future, all of our futures, the cost would be devastating.

To thrive, Louisiana’s businesses need predictability and clarity from our policymakers. These assurances would bring investment, growth and opportunities for our families. Conversely, ongoing instability and uncertainty will continue to jeopardize the capacity of our businesses and our citizens to reach their future potential or cause them to seek their potential elsewhere.

Our lawmakers have a unique opportunity in front of them. They can lower taxes and create future predictability while protecting vital services and education. We ask them to take this opportunity to reflect on the priorities of Louisiana’s citizens and businesses and come together for our collective future success.


Paul A. Salles

President and CEO, Louisiana Hospital Association


Keep out potential terrorists

Islamic terrorist bombings in Belgium; Islamic terrorist truck attacks in NYC, France, Germany and Spain; and attacks in England and the U.S. are indicative of the violent Islamic extremism pervading the world. Muslim attacks on non-Muslims have proliferated in Europe over the years. European countries should stop absorbing immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa and deport potential terrorists.

The U.S. should pay attention to the problems in Europe and keep out immigrants from countries that spawn terrorists. Some liberal religious organizations and individuals believe we should show compassion and open our borders to people from the Middle East and North Africa. Hopefully, the courts will uphold Trump's ban on immigrants from the countries that spawn Islamic terrorists.

Previous immigrants entered the U.S. to build better lives for themselves, assimilate and contribute to our country. Conversely, many of the immigrants from the Middle East do not want to assimilate, and some are prone to violence and choose to attack non-Muslims. Existing potential terrorists must be ferreted out and pursued. Radical Muslim leaders in the U.S., like Louis Farrakhan, should be under constant surveillance.


Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, N.H.