Six fathers coached their sons during the AHSAA Super 7 football championships at Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium in December.

And the head coaches aren’t alone.

Parents coaching their sons and daughters is commonplace, but the bonds they share are far from ordinary.

Win or lose, they gravitate toward one another during those postgame moments of chaos. It’s an intense, extremely emotional and beautiful moment.

No matter how old we get, we all want our parents around for our ups and downs.

Sometimes, we seek comfort.

In February, American Christian Academy basketball coach Greg Crowe wrapped his arms around his son, Carson, before time expired in a loss to eventual Class 3A state champion Plainview during the Final Four.

Heartbroken, Carson buried his tear-streaked face into his father’s shoulder on the court at Birmingham’s Legacy Arena.

But it’s about more than receiving support as we deal with harsh realities in life. Sometimes, we want to celebrate with the one person who guided us on every step of our journey.

A year earlier, on the same floor, Alabama’s Herb Jones, then a senior at Hale County, found his father, assistant coach Walter Jones, in the middle of the Wildcats’ celebration after winning the Class 4A championship.

Herb sprinted across the court to his father. They held one another tight, jumping up and down together in jubilation. Two years earlier, before Sunshine shut its doors, they felt the agony of defeat, losing in the Class 1A championship game. Their celebration reflected years of hard work and dedication coming to fruition.

Maybe your father -- or mother -- coached you in Little League. Maybe they taught you how to play catch or throw a spiral. Maybe they drove you to countless practices and emptied their bank accounts so you could chase your dreams.

Chances are, if they weren’t with you on the field after a big win or loss, they were the first ones you gravitated toward after.

That’s why it’s such a remarkable experience to witness those raw emotions on display in front a large crowd. It’s a brief glimpse into the fascinating relationship between a parent and their child, and there is nothing else quite like it.

Be sure to celebrate or take comfort among those you love this Father’s Day weekend, and thank them for making those irreplaceable moments -- whether they happened on or off of the field -- possible.