Here is a rundown of action taken during Wednesday night's Terrebonne Parish Council meeting. All votes were unanimous unless otherwise noted.

ACTION:  Approved a request from the United Houma Nation to co-sponsor the Principal Chief Inauguration to be held Saturday at the Grand Caillou Recreation Center.

ACTION:  Acknowledged and honored the legacies of members of the Mechanicville community who have enriched the community through their service and supported Recreation District No. 11’s renaming of the Mechanicville Multipurpose Facility as the Mechanicville Memorial Multipurpose Facility.

ACTION:  Approved a resolution for the establishment of a policy regarding management of personnel and volunteers involved in youth athletics in Terrebonne.

ACTION:  Approved an ordinance to acquire any and all sites and/or servitudes that are required to facilitate construction and maintenance of the Petit Caillou Lock Structure.

ACTION:  Approved an ordinance to authorize the acquisition of sites and/or servitudes required for the Valhi Drainage Improvements Project.

ACTION:  Approved an ordinance to establish a four-way stop at Harvey Avenue and Derusso Street.

ACTION:  Approved an ordinance to declare as surplus and not needed for a public purpose two tax properties adjudicated to the Terrebonne Parish government and authorize disposal of properties at 108 Louise St. and 414 Louise St.

ACTION:  Approved an ordinance to amend the 2018 adopted operating budget an the five-year capital outlay budget to allow for $30,000 at the Airbase Splash Park, $15,000 for recreation summer camps and $25,000 for playground equipment.

ACTION:  Appointed Hunter Legnon to represent H.L. Bourgeois on the Terrebonne Parish Youth Advisory Council.

ACTION:  Appointed Terry Dupre to the  Houma Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board as Nicholls State University representative.

ACTION:  Appointed Dawn Fleniken to the Recreation District 2-3 Board. 

ACTION:  Appointed John Campbell to the Recreation District 8 Board.