In results that mirrored the general election a month ago, Scott Hoffman beat Aaron Little Tuesday night to win the Port St. Joe Group 4 Commission seat.

Hoffman collected 54 percent of the vote, 623 votes, while Little garnered 46 percent, 525 votes.

A month ago, the two were the top vote-getters in the general, separated almost by the exact percentage of votes, 8 percent, with Hoffman on top but failing to reach 50 percent plus one.

Hoffman had an 88 vote margin last month; it was 98 votes in the runoff.

The turnout was, to say the least, unusual.

Whether it was a high-interest election or hard-working candidates or a combination of both, the turnout for the runoff actually exceeded that for the general, and there were two fewer candidates this time around.

Last month, fewer than 40 percent of the city’s 1,038 eligible voters cast a ballot; for the runoff the total was 44 percent.

“I have never seen a runoff get a larger turnout, or even the same turnout, as the general election,” said Supervisor of Elections John Hanlon. “There was just a lot of interest and the candidates worked hard.

“I would always love to have 100 percent turnout, but it is actually a good turnout for a city election, and a runoff.”

The turnout started high, with the Supervisor of Elections Office seeing a record for the first day of early voting in a city election.

In all, more than 600 voters took advantage of early voting; that was more than 100 votes more than early voted for the general election.

Another 180-plus submitted absentee ballots, up nearly 30 from the general election.

After a slow morning as rains came, the turnout Tuesday on Election Day was nearly 350 votes, down about 50 from last month.

Hoffman succeeds Commissioner Rex Buzzett, who chose not to seek re-election to the Group 4 seat.

Four candidates were winnowed to Hoffman and Little last month.

The other two Commission seats up for grabs this year did not reach the ballot after Commissioners Brett Lowry and Eric Langston faced no opposition.