The NCAA Division I Council did what was expected on the transfer issue Wednesday, but actually showed some surprising open field swerve when it comes to redshirts.

For all the attention that went to the new “notification” rule, it was not a broad or sweeping change to the transfer rules currently in place. Non-graduate transfers in football and basketball will still have to sit out a year (barring a special waiver) if they leave their original school for another. The image of the star player walking across the field at halftime and joining the opponent because they’ve got a three-touchdown lead isn’t going to happen, and never was, even if it made for some shock value.

What the new rule actually does is this: it prevents schools (as of October) from banning certain destinations for a player who wants to transfer. It stops the extreme cases where a school blocks a player from 30 or 40 schools. At the moment, it does not change the SEC rule that allows schools to block...Click HERE for the rest of the story on Tidesports.