Closely watching society and politics as they are both built from the ingredients of interactions between the multitudes of individuals, I have seen people become callous, closed-minded, judgmental and unwilling to understand others that aren’t like them. People chant “build the wall” and “deport them all” without giving the first thought to the children, the families and the other options available in addressing the illegal immigration issue.

I watch people denigrate and ostracize cultures, religions and other people they know nothing about. These same critics seem to forget their culture, their religion and their social status were a long time ago treated with the very same disdain. But more importantly they forget how lucky they were to have been born after the struggle was over and after the rules were written about who belongs and what is acceptable…they were born into a sense of belonging and community.

Normally, our president would guide such a discourse into calmer waters; however, Trump not only lacks the intellect to understand the problem, he is void of both interest and skill in such matters. So remember your history. In all past civilizations, the current majority was not guaranteed to be the future’s majority, and when the pendulum of power shifts your past behavior will be remembered.

If by chance Trump truly does represent how the majority of Americans feel, I will gladly admit that I am wrong and will live happily never being right.