The Hive Creative Consulting is a marketing firm whose principals often find themselves in need of a location at which they can host events for their clients.

The ideal location would have a kitchen from which hors d'oeuvres or dishes could be prepared and served.

"We kept running into the question of who will cater," said The Hive's Ali Weil. "We wanted to provide a turnkey service and experience for our clients."

Weil comes from a family of cooks as her mother and grandmother have cooked for events.

"We needed a kitchen," agreed her partner, Erin Bakker.

The women came up with the idea to lease a space that would hold 50-75 people and also have a commercial kitchen for food prep. The space could also be rented out to other groups in need of a space when not in use.

"The goal is to fill a void for us and others for just the amount of time we need and we found that to be non-existent," said Bakker.

Since what they were looking for was non-existent, the ladies created their own.

The Hive now offers such a space through the Honeycomb Kitchen & Catering.

Bakker and Weil believe this new business venture will bring value and opportunity to the South Walton culinary community.

"One of the things we love most about the work we do at The Hive is bringing the community together," said Weil. "What better way to continue doing that than by offering a much-needed resource to other small business owners in the community. We want to create a community within the Honeycomb Kitchen. We want to see those using the space be successful in their business and help provide them the tools to do that."

The women hope to expand the services in the future and will work to hold culinary workshops, classes, and retreats in the space.

The commercial kitchen is for lease for events and catering is offered.

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