Today is all about the green.

More than 32 million people in the United States claim Irish ancestry, which is six-and-a-half times the population of Ireland.

In two states, 20 percent of their residents claim Irish ancestry: Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

What began as a Catholic feast day and gained more recognition with a parade in the 18th century is today one of America's biggest cultural holidays. However, the first St. Patrick's Day parade did not take place in Ireland. Its roots are actually in the United States … some say Boston in 1737, and others claim New York.

The Irish love to celebrate and according to WalletHub, 60 percent of Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, whether Irish or not.

In Freeport, Malcolm Patterson said he is not Irish, but jokes that he drinks like one. So he plans to celebrate the day with a good supply of Irish whiskey.

"I am 25 percent Irish," said Scott O'Prey proudly, and to celebrate, he will wear something green on March 17.

Bill Fletcher said he is Irish, but he doesn't know what percentage.

"I will celebrate the day by drinking a Heineken out of a green bottle," he said.

Eighty-three percent of people plan to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, according to WalletHub.

Chicago has gained fame for dying its river green. To do that, 45 pounds of dye is used, which only lasts for five hours. The first year it was turned green was 1962.

Thirty-one percent of Americans plan to cook a St. Patrick's Day meal, according to WalletHub. This results in a 70 percent increase in cabbage shipments during this time. The average price of a pound of cabbage this year is 53 cents. That's a 1.85-percent decrease from 2017. One pound of cabbage has 109 calories, .54 grams of fat, 25.31 grams of carbs, and 6.53 grams of protein.

At least $5.9 billion is expected to be spent for the holiday this year, with the average person spending $40, according to WalletHub, and much of that will be spent on beer.

St. Patrick's Day ranks as the fourth most popular drinking day of the year, and according to WalletHub. On St. Patrick's Day, 152 percent more beer is sold and there is an 819 percent increase in Guinness consumption resulting in 13 million pints of Guinness consumed.

The top 10 cities for celebrating St. Patrick's Day are Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York City, San Francisco, Fort Collins, Tampa, Madison, and Pittsburgh, according to WalletHub.

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