"We've worked to create a different experience at Indigo, something that makes you linger a little longer and draws you back. We want people to feel inspired and at home."

A new shop opened at WaterColor this month that offers shoppers a unique and organic shopping experience.

Catherine Walega named her store Indigo to give the area another shade of blue to complement the hues of azure, cobalt, and cerulean that she found here that energized her.

Indigo is a lifestyle boutique specializing in clothing, art, jewelry, and décor.

"I chose the name because the indigo plant is used to make the dye for denim and other fabrics and it also has spiritual properties," she said. "It encourages intuition, sincerity, and integrity. We founded the business based on these traits and we hope that when you visit our store you will feel the connection between nature and fashion, offering a shopping experience."

Shoppers will find a fresh collection of clothing, accessories, vintage turquoise jewelry, and hand-made art.

"We've worked to create a different experience at Indigo, something that makes you linger a little longer and draws you back," she said. "We want people to feel inspired and at home."

Describing Indigo, Walega said it feels organic, as many items in the shop are handmade or of special clothing lines and artisan jewelry.

"I'm going for more things like that than bigger name brands, although I do have some big name brands," she said.

Her target age group is all ages.

"My goal is to have something for everyone that is unique and good quality. I am really trying to be unique and affordable, an approachable price point. I strive to not have any one item cost more than $200," she said.

The shop also offers artwork that can be bought to take home as souvenirs and gifts.

Walega and her husband first discovered the area 20 years and fell in love with the beauty.

"It called us," she said. "It became a part of us. And one day something shifted and we said, 'Let's make the move.' Life is short and we decided why not?"

The Walegas moved down from Maryland two years ago.

Catherine's husband travels and is not tied to an office, so it was an easy move.

Her daughter found a job working at a boutique at WaterColor. Through her daughter, Walega found that the boutique was going to be put on the market and the former owner approached her to see if she was interested in buying.

With no prior shop-owning experience, Walega took the challenge.

"It's been fun learning something new. We are doing this on prayers and local support," she said.

Walega has had some help, though, as her husband has experience in opening a new business, and one of her employees is a former merchandiser and buyer.

"It all came together," she said.

A unique concept she is offering is the option to close the store for private shopping parties.

Indigo is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. During high season, she will be open until 7 p.m.

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The store is located at 6 WaterColor Boulevard No. 101.