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I have been accused, by my Mother-In-Law, of being morbid when I talk about advance health care planning and my husband accuses me of sounding like a Radio Shack salesman! Just the facts ma’am! When I speak about future healthcare wishes I do tend to use factual terms and to keep my opinions neutral. This is a very personal subject.

What is a Living Will? It’s usually a written statement of the medical care you do or do not want if you become unable to make your own decisions. Everyone has the right to make decisions concerning his or her own healthcare, including the right to choose or refuse treatment. No living will is ever the same. It is specific to your decision. You can be as detailed as you wish but you might want to review it with a health care professional or elder care attorney to make sure your wishes are clear and will be followed. You can get sample forms online or from your attorney. Some are free. Some are not free.

Every adult should make a health care directive. You don’t need an attorney. Your personal directive does need to be notarized with two witnesses and, at least one of those witnesses cannot be a spouse or relative. Make a lot of copies. Make sure your physician, family members, and healthcare provider have a copy. I even make sure I have one in my employee file. I carry copies in my glove box of my car and I make sure my husband has a copy in the glove box of his car. That way it will always be available if we need a copy in an emergency.

Why do you want one? This answer is personal for everyone. I want one because I want to give my family written permission to follow my wishes. Often families become divided in a crisis or unsure of what I might want. I want to assure them and my healthcare provider that these are my wishes. It can also take away the guilt that children and a spouse might feel after making a tough decision.

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