Opening Day for University of Alabama baseball is set for Friday, if the weather cooperates.

This isn’t just Opening Day for another season, though. This is, if everything goes the way the Alabama administration hopes it goes, the opening of a new era. It’s a chance to erase the bad memories of 2017, which turned out to be Opening Day for a single-season misstep that doesn’t need to be rehashed in detail. Suffice it to say things didn’t work out and the trip back to the drawing board was a quick one.

Brad Bohannon, the new coach, seems to have gotten off to a good start in terms of repairing frayed relationships and building a recruiting base. That building process isn’t entirely from scratch. There are always some players in this state and the surrounding ones who are both good baseball players and Alabama fans. You can’t sustain a championship program solely on that group, of course. It’s simply a starting point.

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