FORT WALTON BEACH — A 35-year-old man labeled as a “habitual traffic offender” was arrested after fleeing from an officer who attempted to stop him when he saw him driving a car.

On Feb. 8 a Fort Walton Beach Police Department officer was conducting surveillance on Wright Parkway when he observed the man enter the driver’s seat of a gold GMC Yukon and drive the car out of the lot and down the street at a high rate of speed. The officer attempted to pull him over for speeding, but the vehicle ignored the officer’s lights and sirens and fled. The officer stopped pursuing the car after about 10 seconds.

Ten minutes later, the officer observed the same car traveling down Wright Parkway and again pursued it, along with the help of other patrol officers. The car eventually stopped and both the driver and the passenger were detained. The man who was originally driving the car was now the passenger.

A search of the original driver’s license revealed it had been indefinitely suspended due to the man being a repeated traffic offender.

He was arrested and charged with being a habitual traffic offender and fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement.